Grand Theft Auto 5 OnLine Already Experimenting First Problems

Rockstar warned us about this and the problems arrived right on time for Grand Theft Auto 5 OnLine.

We can´t say that we were not warned since Rockstar knew that Grand Theft Auto 5 was going to be a highly demanded game and warned us that there were going to be problems. Those problems came as expected  and Rockstar has already made it clear that they are already working on a solution so gamers can enjoy the game instead of having to deal with problems. Rockstar has also said that the are working around the clock to buy and add more servers to gamers can stop having connectivity problems.

Some of the problems that Rockstar said that players were experiencing was that they they finding themselves with a message that said ¨Rockstar Cloud Servers Unavailable¨ and that the game would freeze while loading a race. A fix is also on its way for the ¨Failed to Host GTA Online Session¨ error message and the ¨Failed to star job¨ error. There are other errors but you probably know what they are if you have been trying to play the game. Rockstar has also issued an apology to their gamers for all the trouble but we all know that they are doing everything humanly possibly to fix everything.

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