Grand Theft Auto 5 – The Real Release Date

Rockstar games does it again and delays the release of their latest Grand Theft Auto game.

There are good news and there are bad news, depends on how you look at it. The bad news is that the Spring 2013 release for Grand Theft Auto has been pushed back a couple of months but the good news is that Rockstar Games has at least given a specific release date instead of just saying something like,¨It will be available later on¨.

Rockstar has definitely felt the consequences of this announcement since shares in Take-Two Interactive dropped 7% on Thursday due to the announcement. The reason that the company gave for the delay was that there are still some things that they want to improve in order for the game to satisfy even the most demanding gamer. They are apologized for the delay and said that when the game is finally available, it is definitely going to be worth the wait.

For now, all we can do is wait for September 17th to come around and finally be able to play the much anticipated game. But, this is something that gamers are use to since the same thing happened with “Grand Theft Auto IV”, since it release date was for October of 2007, but instead it came out on April of 2008.

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