How Grand Theft Auto 5 Will Work On-Line

Rockstar reveals more information as to how GTA 5 is going function on-line.

Rockstar has made it clear on their site that GTA OnLine will be something completely new for them and that it is going to continue to grow and take shape over the first weeks of it becoming available. Rockstar is determined to include the players in how the game is developed since they will take into consideration what we like and what we don´t like. Rockstar will pay close attention to the feed back they receive from players and change whatever they need to change in order the make the game a complete hit.

Rockstar also said that they obviously expect errors to occur in the first few weeks and that they will work as fast as they can to fix any problem that may occur. Rockstar also plans to launch this fall Social Club Forums where players are going to be able to chat with one another about how well they are doing OnLine and they will also be able to access GTA OnLine Suggestions board so they can post any feature that would like to see in the game, tweeks and or changes. At the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, up to 16 players plat GTA 5 and your group of friends can catch a movie, hit the shooting range and much more.

You can even test the law by robbing certain store,  robbing an armored truck and that way you can get some easy cash and see how your reputation grows. You will also be able to take on missions either by yourself or with your team or you can even join a team of mercenaries. You will also be able to participate in street competitions, off road tracks to boat racing in the ocean. You can also participate in a Rally where the driver and co-pilot will have to work together to get through the treacherous courses and high speeds.

You will also be able to join friends or any random stranger in a game of tennis, go base jumping or play a round of golf. Players will also be able to create their own characters using Character Creator and then earn some money and then spend it. Gamers will also be able to collect the cars they want and personalize their weapons. Your reputation will grow according to what you accomplish in the game. The higher your rank the greater the access will be in order to get better cars, guns, clothes properties and more.

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