Great Android 6.0 Home Button Feature

Discover what you will be able to do with the home button in Marshmallow.

Whenever a new OS comes out, we just can´t wait to try out its features. They always have new and exciting features that we know are going to make our tasks a lot easier. Android 6.0 is no different, and it too has features that we wish we could use right now. See if you Motorola device is on the list for the Android 6.0 update. Are you ready for Google Now on Tap?

For those of us who are still using Lollipop, if we want to search for something, we have no choice but to leave what we are doing and open the Google app. If there was only a way to get the information you need without leaving the app you are using, there is!

To use this feature, you will need to hold the home button for a moment and after you will see how Google Now will pop up. In Android 6.0, your display will be scanned, and you will see all sorts of information on what you had on your screen. Let us say you get an Email from a friend that want to watch a movie tomorrow. Press the home button for a few seconds and you will get all finds of information about the movie.

You will see info such as a link to the trailer of the movie and even movie reviews to see what others think about it. That way you can save yourself from 2 hours of pure boredom. If you are feeling lazy and don´t even feel like pressing the home button, you can also use voice commands to interact.

If you are reading about how great a restaurant is and you want more information, just say ¨Okay Google, how far is it?¨ and you will get directions and much more. I think this feature is going to be widely used since it allows you to stay in the app you are using at the moment and lose whatever it is you  had on your screen. Will you use it?

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