Great Fathers Day Gifts, June 21st


Need some great Father´s Day Gifts ideas, relax, I think we can help. Father´s Day 2009 is coming and you can be prepared with the following gifts.

Well yes, Fathers Day is a bout a month away, but if we start looking now, we will get an idea of what we might end up buying for our dads. Especially if the gift you want to give you father is only available online then you might want to order it now so you can have the gift there by the time the big day comes.

Here are some ideas to help you out on what dad might like for his day.Our first gadget that will hopefully get a smile on dads face is the MC Square X1. What this device does is that it helps dad relax, imagine all the stress dad has built up inside the rest of the 364 days of the year. Anything that can relieve the stress is a good gift. This concentration aid has a compact and slim design,soft touchpad buttons. This gadget is user friendly GUI:260,000 resolution color display.


It also features Turbo Function:amplifies MC square sounds, Voice Recording, it gives you 30 hrs recording time and dad also gets Auxillary recording:TV,radio,MP3,and for those dads that just can get rid of their cassette´s this relaxing device also records cassette sounds. Take a look at what one buyer said:

At first I was skeptical about this product but after using it several times, I was amazed at how effective it was. I am constantly in a stressful environment, but after using the mc square, i could feel myself being much more relaxed and focused throughout the day. It also leads to better sleep because it helps my stress levels to go down. Very few products on the market are successful in stress reduction, and mc square is definitely my top choice.

This is a good choice to help dad get away from what he might go through the rest of the year that might be something like the following picture. All for dad for $438.89 at Amazon.


Our next item is the Fujikura 1000 Massage Chair. This massage chair gives you a great Shiatsu Massage, and This massage chair has 6 massage functions, Rolling (Back Stretch),Kneading,Flapping,Kneading & Flapping,Shiatsu,Knocking and Vibrating. The blue light LCD shows you all the massage functions you will need.


The Fujikura 100 features 10 sets of massage kneading balls which are located in both the calves & foot areas to gives dad stronger and deeper massages to those daily tired areas, which includes foot pressure points which effects on organs such as liver, heart, kidney, head, eyes, pancreas, thyroid glands, gallbladder, trachea, neck and shoulders. You can get this chair at (one selling poitn, but remember to shop around) for $1,450.00

One thing you could do is take advantage of the Radio Shack 48 Hours Memorial Day Sale and but his gift now and save some serious cash. Just hide real well the gift and you will not have to be like those people who put it off and end up not giving their dad anything.


How about the Lenovo Lenovo IdeaPad S10 10.1″ Netbook.It is on sale at Radio Shack for $299.00. This Netbook features a 3 cell li-ion battery, WSVGA LED Backlit (>200 nit) Glossy display,10 inches-1024×576 display,160GB SATA hard drive,Intel Atom processor 1.6GHz,and  1 GB installed, 2GB maximum RAM features.

Here are some ideas to help you out but as Father´s Day comes near we will be recomending more items in order to impress Dad.

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