Grussom Video of Shark Attack in Brazil

The coastal security camera film as they suddenly record a shark attack in progress, water turn red as the cameras record the brutal attack.

When one thinks shark attacks, you usually think of surfers or people that swim just a tad too much into the deep end but that was not the case with this 18 year old. Bruna da Silva Gobbi was enjoying her free time off the coast of Brazil with some family members when the shark attacked her. The odd part of the attack was that she was not even in the deep end at all since the water barely covered her waist.

In the video you can see how the security camera all of a sudden starts focusing of a particular swimmer and all of a sudden you the Bruna splashing water around as she is being attacked. Later you can see a shadow approaching her and seconds later you see how the water turns red with blood. Around her you ca see how the Brazilian lifeguards try to save her and a jet ski trying to pull her aboard. In the video you can also see the lifeguard carrying her and taking her to the nearest hospital when she went into surgery at 3pm Brazil time. Her injured leg was amputated but that was not enough to save her and she dies hours later.

The reason that the shark was able to reach even though the water barely covered her waist was because of a deep canal that goes all around the cost and makes it easier for the sharks to reach the tourists. That beach should be closed because of how easy it is for sharks to reach people but it is highly unlikely that that is something that the Brazilian government is going to do in the near future.

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