GTA V OnLine Gets a New Fix and PC Version will be Available in 2014

There is a fix for your disappearing characters  and according to reports the PC version for Grand Theft Auto 5 will be out in early 2014.

At least 600,000 PC gamers have sign an online petition asking Rockstart to bring GTA 5 to their PC´s and they will be happy to know that their wish is going to come true since the game is heading to a PC near you. The PC version of the game is going to be available in early 2014 but Rcokstar is known for releasing its GTA games on consoles first and then, months later, the PC version. For example,GTA San Andreas was launched on PS2 in October of 2004 but we didn´t see it on PC´s until June. GTA IV was available on consoles in April of 2008 but it wasn´t until December that we saw it on PC´s.

Grand Theft Auto 5_1

Rockstar has also said that the title update they have released will fix the problem that caused players to loose their gameplay progress except for instances where gamers buy a car and they are not able to save due to a cloud save failure. Rockstar is working on a fix for that and they will announce the fix as soon as it is available. Rockstar has advised their player that if they want to save their progress they should terminate their sessions bu hitting pause and then selecting to leave. The only thing to do for now is to have patience while the bugs that are still there are fixed since Rockstar has said numerous time that they are working around the clock for fix what needs to be fixed.

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