Guitar Hero 5 Plus 2 Wireless Guitars for $100

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Keep those videogame deals coming. Now we have the chance to get our hands on a great one but will only interest us,of course, if we are Guitar Hero fans. This obviously makes a great Christmas gift and being able to get Guitar Hero 5 plus 2 wireless guitars for $100.00.

Keep those Christmas deals coming. With X-Mas so close we are trying to stretch out the $$ as much as we can in order to be able to buy as many gifts as possible and now thanks to RedOctane we are able to get out hands on this great deal. The deal is good if you own a PS3 or an Xbox 360 and it is available now, so don’t be left behind and get yourself this great deal.

Just in case you forgot, and speaking of Guitar Hero, the Van Halen Guitar hero is up for pre-order now at and it can be all your for $59.99. It is always good to pre-order early even though you know the game is not going to be sold out when you go buy it because the manufacturers usually reward people who pre-order with special goodies. So just in case, pre-order and cross your fingers.

Guitar Hero 5 GuitarasIf you decide to get this great deal enjoy and remember to comment on how much fun you are having.

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