Guitar Hero 6 on Project Natal

Guitar Hero 6 on Project Natal is in the works. Kai Huang has stated that they are seeing if the Guitar Hero 6 could be compatible with Natal’s Camera.

Guitar Hero is going for its 6th edition and it has no intention to stop there but how would you like to see Guitar Hero 6 on Project Natal? There has been no official confirmation but Kai Huang from RedOctane has said that they are working on if the Project Natal camera could be compatible with the videogame. Cool features that are going to be added to Guitar Hero 6, if all goes well, is movements from the player and why not?, even have the guitarist in the game look like you.

When one thinks Guitar Hero, one think rock music but there are intentions to include¬† more types of music such as country since that is also a type of music that is popular in U.S.A. Sure enough you have heard song that you love that include guitars and wonder why that song is not included in a Guitar Hero. One song that I would love for them to include Michael Jackson’s Beat It since in the majority of the song you can hear more or less a guitar. For you Latin Lovers Guitar Hero is also looking into going to into Latin music.

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