Hackers Claim to have Bypassed Apple´s Touch ID

Apple claimed it was a secure way to access ones iPhone but a group of hackers don´t agree as they hack  Apple´s Touch ID.

Apple was completely convinces that their Touch ID was a secure thing and said it over and over. Looks like that is not true since a group of hackers from the Chaos Computer Club are claiming that they have bypassed it. A hacker nicknamed Starbug said that Apple´s sensor just a higher resolution compared tto the sensors and that they only needed to ramp up the resolution of their fake. They simply took a high resolution photo of a fingerprint and then just print it out to produce a fake print.

The hackers even published a video where they show everyone just how they did it and the scary part is that this technique can be used with really bad intentions. Starbug said that fingerprints should not be used for just about anything since they are left behind practically on ever surface and it is extremely easy to create false prints. Now we just have to wait and see what Apple has to say about all of this and if they have plans to send out a recall or just tell users to be careful.

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