Hard Candys Hard Shell Cases for Netbooks – Protect and Decorate your Netbook

Hard Candy Hard Netbook Cases, The latest netbook case in order for your netbook to be protected and look good at the same time. Asus, Apple and HP netbooks included.

There is going to be a lot of traveling this holiday season and there is no chance in the world that our Netbook is going to be left back. Whether we have an Acer,Sony or Gateway our Netbook is like our second skin. In that case we are going to need something to protect them from all those bumps and who knows what else is out there. Some people don’t add a case because the only one they can find make there netbook look boring and they rather keep their original netbook color but there is no need to worry now.

Hard Candy has some Hard Netbook cases that will protect our netbooks but keep it looking good and they may even get a ” Where did you buy that?”. The lucky netbooks that are going to be compatible with the Hard Candy Hard Cases are Asus EEE PC, HP Mini, and Macbook Pro 13″ netbooks. Some things can seem really easy but for some become quit  and adventure so if you are not sure to how to put on the Hard Candy Netbook cases the company recommends dusting, or cleaning your Asus, reducing the chances of dust scratches. Place the bottom of your Bubble Shell on a table or other hard surface. While making sure that your EEE PC is completely closed, press your computer gently into the case bottom until it snaps into place. Make sure to apply pressure to the corners ensuring proper fit into all the tabs of the case.Good thing that you are going to  get a variety of colors such as white, clear, blue, red, pink and black and they can be all yours for $34.95 at hardcandycases.com.

How about Red?

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