Hide Your IP Address with Mask My IP

Surf the Internet anonymously by hiding your IP address with mask My IP.

Sites can easily know where you are if you don´t download Mask My IP. You can easily see that my going to mask-myip.com and the IP hiding software will easily tell you where you are, city and country. Above your current location you will also see a series of number and that is your IP address.


Descargar Mask My IP


If you Download Mask My IP, you will get a free IP hiding software that will help you surf the web anonymously. The software will also protect you from hackers and block ISP eavesdropping, with so much spyware out there you can never be too careful.

There is a free version of Mask My IP, but if you are willing to pay $29.95 you can get the Pro version. Don´t think about it too long since the pro version has that price for today only.

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