High Tech Recycling Bins with Giant LCD Displays

Soon London is going to sport these high tech recycling bins to keep the safe clean and tourists informed for the 2012 Olympics.

These recycling bins are not what we are use to seeing when we are about to throw away our plastics in the recycling bin but they are sure welcome. As you can see from the image they are one good looking bin and have that huge LCD display. There is no word in the size or resolution but it is something we are use to asking when the word display is mentioned.

smart recycle bin

These high tech recycling bins are going to make their debut before the 2012 London Olympics and there will be 25 of these babies installed all over the city. Hopefully the high tech recycling bins will be taken care of since the money that they will cost will be payed the the tax payer. Each of these machines have a price tag of US$1,880 a pop.

These bins are also meant to be bomb proof and are also going to feature WiFi which will sure of big help for the millions of tourists to come when the Olympics arrive. There is more good news since London is not the only place that is going to enjoy these high tech recycling bins since in due time they are expected to arrive at New York, Singapore and Tokyo.

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