Hire My Friend – Web App that Helps You Look for a Job without Your Current Boss Knowing

So your tired of your current job, if you use Hire My Friend you can get a new one with the help of your friends.

It is something that happens to all of us, after a certain amount of time, you get tired of your current job and need to find another one. The problems that some may have with finding a new job is that you either don´t have the time or you are afraid that your current boss is going to find out. Not to worry, if you use Hire My Friend, your friends are the ones that are going to be looking for your new job.

The current companies that are working with Hire My Friend are companies such as Editd, MixCloud, Fueled, Huge, Tray.io, YPlan, Sidekick Studios, and GoCardless. So, in other words, these companies are looking for new employees in this web app. One thing that I would change is the fact that you have to register directly with the app and don´t have the option of signing in with your Facebook or Twitter account. Once you are in,you will need to create a profile page (which is then anonymized by blurring out faces and names), you can be as vague or as descriptive as you want about your skills and you will also need to select three hashtags that will get tweeted when their friend recommends them.

Then your friend will send out your profile on your behalf. After that potential employers can then decide to get in touch with you and then you get an email notification if you have been chosen. You will need to decide if you want to find out more and reveal their identity or, well, not. Time will tell if this app survives but for now it is free to use.

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