How to Avoid Having Your Bandwidth Stolen by Windows 10

How would you feel if I told you that Microsoft is stealing your bandwidth? I’m sure you wouldn’t be very happy and may even be mad as well. I know I was when I found out that Microsoft was using a part of my bandwidth without my permission. I don’t mind sharing my bandwidth since it’s unlimited, but It would have been nice is I was asked first. Don’t you agree?

Microsoft says that it does this to give other users faster updates by using a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) protocol. If you have unlimited bandwidth, and you are first asked if you want to participate in such a program, then yeah, sounds great, but Microsoft made a huge mistake by doing this without asking users first. Makes you think what else they could be doing with your bandwidth or files without asking first, right?



The reason Microsoft did this was to reduce the stress their servers were experiencing, but at what expense? Our Bandwidth. How is this possible? This is all possible thanks to a feature called Windows Update Delivery Optimization. If you don’t remember enabling this feature, it’s because you didn’t, it comes enabled automatically in Windows 10 Home and Pro versions, but Enterprised and Education editions only have it automatically enabled for local networks.

The bandwidth sharing is like torrents, users on Windows 10 share some updates to others users at a much faster pace and it also means less trouble for Microsoft.Wudo only sends pieces of the update cache, but that doesn’t change the fact that Microsoft uses something that is ours without our permission. I’m sure that Microsoft can use their millions and find a solution to this without having to use our bandwidth, don’t you think?

To keep this feature controlled, you can set your Internet connection to metered, a feature that I also mentioned when you also want to control when you get those Windows 10 updates. The tech giant has also said that no personal information is sent or downloaded, but I doubt that that will calm W10 users down. Many are worried about their privacy being violated and a feature that uses the user’s bandwidth without asking them first doesn’t make users feel any better.

If you don’t want or can’t share your limited bandwidth, you can always turn it off by going to:

  • Settings
  • Update and Security
  • Windows Update>Advanced Options
  • Select Choose How Updates are installed>Choose how updates are delivered
  • The last step is to turn off the feature by disabling the toggle under Updated from More than One Place
  • You are done. After this, you will no longer be giving away your bandwidth if that is not what you want to do. After reading this, you will probably want to search our your Windows 10 computer settings to see what else is enabled without your permission. I have already done that and now I can sleep at night knowing that the settings are how they should be.

I know sharing is caring but come on Microsoft, at least, ask us first. Did you have any idea that this feature was automatically enabled on your W10 computer? Let me know if you will be sharing your bandwidth or not in the comments.

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