How to Create Free and Easy Animated GIFs from YouTube

How to Easily Create Animated and Online GIFs from any YouTube video and Free.

One of the mostly shared things on the Internet are animated gifts. I really doubt that any Facebook, Google+, or Twitter users has not stopped to at least look at one. Since GIFs have a tendency of being funny and original, they have become something er usually see everyday. While some may love GIFS, others hate then, but putting the hatred for GIFs aside, Would you like to create your own Animated Gifs in fast and easy way?.

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If you have been asking yourself how you could easily create an animated GIF, there are various software or programs to create Animated GIFs by any users. For example, there is Instagiffer or QGifer, just to mention a few. We are going to need a certain level of skills and knowledge in order to go through all the steps with ease  and end up with a happy ending.

That is why I will talk about a free online tool that is easy to use in order to create Animated GIFs from YouTube videos by only including the URL of the videos. This great web app is Imgur VidGIF, it is a useful tool that will allow us to extract small fragments from a YouTube video and create an animated GIF that we can include in any web page, Social network, forum and evensend by eMail.

In order to create a YouTube GIF, all we have to do is past the video´s URL in the tool that will automatically start the conversion process. Then you will have to choose which part of the video you want to turn into a GIF_Be careful about including a video that is too long, the longer it is the longer it is going to take to create your GIF_.

The tool also gives you the option of adding a text message in your GIF and when Imgur VidGIF is done creating your GIF, it will give you various ways you can share it. It will give you a direct URL to the imagem a URL for Email and IM and even a code so you can add it you any blog or site. The only downside to this online GIF creating tool is that it will include links to the site, but if you think about it, it is a small price to pay for what you get in return.

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