How to Erase Your Car, Face, or Home on Google Maps

Eliminate a license plate, house, car, pet and just about anything from showing up on Google Maps with these simple steps.

Thanks to Google maps we can travel without having to leave the comfort of our own homes. We might be thrilled to see what the houses in x country look like but a local resident might not be too happy that you are able to see his or her home. If you are that resident in x country that is not to happy that just about anyone in the planet can see you  haven´t mowed your lawn in days, then you might want to follow these easy steps to erase your home from Google maps.

Como Borrar Cualquier Casa, Cara, Auto y Objeto en Google Maps2



The first thing you need to do is enter you address in Google Maps and then click on the Street View box when it pops up  or you can either place the Pegman wherever you want. Once you have your home or whatever you want to blur in front of you, just click on Report a Problem that is located at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


How to Erase Your Car, Face, and Home on Google Maps


Once you have done, you will be taken to a form where you will need to indicate what you want to blur out. Make sure that the black and red box surrounds what you want to eliminate. You are probably expecting to say something like that you will be receiving a form from Google at your home address to verify that the house you want to blur out is in fact your home but no.


How to Erase Your Car, Face, and Home on Google Maps


There is no such thing and there is only a CAPTCHA that you will need to fill in but that is about it. Google has not said anything on how they figure out if the person asking for a certain house to be blurred out in in fact his or hers but you can bet that many practical jokers still try to blur out their friends house.

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