How to Look Thinner in 15 Minutes – How the Big Companies Trick US

Need to loose weight? Here is how you can at least ¨look¨ thinner and all you need is 15 minutes.

An Australian persona trainer by the name of Melanie Ventura has shown the world how easy it is to trick someone into thinking you have lost quite a few pounds. Melanie realized the same tricks that the billion dollar diet and fitness industries use in order to trick us into thinking that we can loose quite  a large amount of weight in a short period of time. As you can see in the following pictures, Melanie took a before and after picture and here are the clever tricks Melanie used to look thinner in just 15 minutes.

In the before pic, Ventura first ate a big breakfast, she wore her tight bather bottoms and she let her body sag. But in 15 minutes, looked amazingly thinner and she did so by changing her bather bottoms from red to black,and the black ones were a size bigger and black makes you look thinner. Oh! lets not forget about the fake tan. She also clipped in long hair extensions, stood a bit taller than the before pic, sucked in her stomach, stood with her legs wide and she put her hand on her popped hip, pulled her shoulders back and she put on a cheeky grin.

Real Before and After:

In the before pic she zoomed in and zoomed out on the after pic and also added a filter onthe after pic. She wants us to open our eyes and not be tricked by the companies that try to make us think that we can loose the weight we want in a sort period of time. She also said that eve though she looked great in the real before and after pic, she felt horrible on the inside. She was moody and tired and even tainted some friendships. She also warned us that being thinner with a muscular body doesn´t guarantee that we are going to feel better about ourselves.   It look six month for her to get her real buffed up body, so looks like we are going to be patient and constant without exercise programs.

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