How to Send Free On-Line Faxes

Find out where you can send On-Line Faxes for Free and not pay a single dime, ever.

Back in the days when we needed to send a document, we either sent it FedEx or Faxed it but now whenever we need to send a document, we usually sent it as an attachment in our E-Mails. But every now and then, some government service asks that we send them a fax of a certain document. Some may go to a certain store that send faxes but they sometimes ask for too much taking advantage of our need. If the only thing you need to do is just send one lousy Fax and don´t want to sign up for any service you will be able to do so with FaxZero and HelloFax.

Both services are easy to use and allow you to send free on-line faxes. With HelloFax you will be able to send up to 5 free faxes per month. If you are a heavy fax user this is obviously not enough faxes but if you rarely send a fax then this limit is just right. In order to send a fax you will need to create and account on the site and once you have done you will have that upload the fax you want to send, then enter the fax number and send it. It is that simple to use.

HelloFax also gives you the option to sign your documents digitally and you can do so by drawing your signature with the mouse, type your signature, upload image file, and take a photo of your signature with your smartphone and send it them for them to add it to your document. The free plan doesn´t allow you to receive faxes so if you do need to receive a fax you will nedd to sign up for one of their plans and the cheapest one they have costs US$10 a month.

If HelloFax doesn´t have what you need you can always try FaxZero. This second service allows you to send up to 5 three page faxes per day, absolutely free. With FaxZero you don´t even have to create and account, so if you are not comfortable giving out any type of personal information. If you are sending a document to some type of government service then you might not want to use the free FaxZero service since an advertisement will appear on the cover page with the fax. Now you know, if you need to send free on-line faxes, you have these two options to turn to.

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