How to Write a Strong and Outstanding Resume

How to make your resume stand out from the rest.

Whether you are looking for your first job and or looking for a new job, there is one thing you will need, a strong resume. In order to write a resume that will stand out from the rest, all you have to do is follow tips.

Did you know that 77% of employers look for relevant experience? 48% Look for specific accomplishments and 41% look to see if the resume has been customized for the open position or not.


how to write a resume that stand out


Remember to include Keywords in your resume. 44% of employers look for Leadership, 31% Performance and productivity improvement, 56% Problem solving, 40% Oral and Written Communication and 33% looks for team building.

Remember to use professional  an classic font that is easy to read, if it is too hard to read, employers will likely skip your resume all together. Don´t forget to add the best ways the employer can contact you, but remember not to give and funny yet controversial eMail Address.


How to write a resume that stand out


This may sound silly, but don´t forge to use your full first name. Keep your resume relevant and modify it to fit the position you are applying for. Formatting always matters and that is why you should organize your resume appropriately.

Try not to add a picture to your resume and make sure that it is machine readable. Remember not to include more than 5 bullets per section, check for typo´s and grammatical errors, don´t use proprietary acronyms or jargon, don´t include personal references and don´t add that you went to high school if you have any college experience.


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