HP MB Chronowing Smartwatch

HP and fashion designer Michael Bastian have teamed up to bring us the MB Chronowing smartwatch.

When a company launches a new product, they obviously want to stand out from everyone else. I´m not too sure that is what HP and fashion designer Michael Bastian did the smartwatch they made together, the MB Chronowing Smartwatch ($349).


HP MB Chronowing Smartwatch


I know what you are thinking, it is true that this HP smartwatch looks more like a regular watch then a smartwatch but it falls under the smartwatch category. Sure it has a metal frame, really big buttons and the leather wristband but it can bring you notification, sports scores, stock prices, weather, Etc.


MB Chronowing HP


The MB Chronowing doesn´t have a microphone, touchscreen, or sensors. It may not have these important features but it can allow you to control the music on your smartphone. There is also an integrated light and it can also offer 10 other different features.


HP fashion smartwatch


You will know you have a notification since you will feel a soft vibration and the ¨smartwatch¨ should work with any iPhone that has iOS 7 and above and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and above.

The MB Chronowing will be available on the 7th of this month and remember that there is also a limited edition black version of the smartwatch

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