HP Windows 8 Tablet

HP Announces that they will soon release a new HP Windows 8 Tablet.

We all know that manufacturers are always working on new tablets but they actually announce them you know that that new tablet is closer then we think. This time we can expect a new tablet from HP and this tablet is going to have Windows 8, something that we are all looking forwards to. The tablet unfortunately is not going to be aimed at everyone since it is going to be for business and professional users.


The specs that you are going to find in the future Windows 8 Tablet are a 10.1 inch display with Microsoft’s new touch-friendly Metro user interface, battery that provides up to 10-hour of operation time, Measures only 9.2mm thick and weighing at about 1.5 pounds, the HP Windows 8 tablet also supports for finger or digital pen input. As for now Hp has not said anything on when we might expect the new HP Windows 8 tablet or what it’s price might be but hopefully they will say something in the near future.

CEO Meg Whitman also said that we can expect for HP to also release PC’s with Windows 8 sometime by the end of 2012. Are you looking forward to the HP Windows 8 Tablet?

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