HTC Eye – Rumored Selfie Smartphone

Rumors say that HTC is going to be launching a smartphone for selfie lovers, HTC Eye.

Selfies are still a popular trend and because of that we can count on an endless amount of selfie apps. But, What if there was also a selfie smartphone? According to rumors, HTC will be launching a Selfie smartphone called the HTC Eye.


HTC Eye - Rumored Selfie Smartphone


Rumors also say that AT&T is currently testing out the smartphone and unfortunately there is not even one blurry image of the selfie smartphone from HTC. What does a selfie smartphone have to have to be called that way? The most important thing would be one fantastic front facing camera, that´s for sure.


HTC Eye - Rumored Selfie Smartphone


Front facing cameras are usually about 2MP or so but it would great f the HTC Eye had a front facing camera of 16MP, like the rear Galaxy S5 camera. The selfie smartphone would also have to have other fantastic specs to be appealing but first we have to see if this smartphone actually exists and hopefully it does.

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