Rumor: HTC Facebook Phone to Debut at MWC 2011

Rumors arise about the famous Facebook handsets that are rumored to be presented at MWC 2011.

Here we go again with the Facebook handsets and this time it is from the London business site City A.M. They did not say who their sources were but they claim that next month HTC is going to present two Facebook handsets at MWC 2011. Rumors have it that the handsets are going to be high-end Android phones customized to display Facebook messages and news feeds on their home screens. You can’t have a Facebook phone with out the Facebook colors and, if the rumors are true, those are the colors the smartphones are going to have.

At the end of the day, when people say “building a phone” they actually can mean very different things. Internally, the way we talk about our strategy, it’s like the opposite of that. Our whole strategy is not to build any specific device or integration or anything like that. Because we’re not trying to compete with Apple or the Droid or any other hardware manufacturer for that matter. Mark Zuckerberg

If it does turn out that HTC and Facebook present their handsets at MWC 2011, they will have kept the secret better than most companies that have their products leaked before it is time to present them.

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