HTC Thunderbolt March 17th Release

Everything points to a March 17th release date for the HTC Thunderbolt.

Ever since it was announced, the release date for the Thunderbolt has been top secret, until now. HTC has not said anything officially but a tweet from a Regional Sales Manager for HTC says that the Thunderbolt is going to be available on the 17th. Looks like HTC didn’t like that tweet since it and the account all together has been erased. Ther is one thing that manager is looking for right now and it could be employment.

He was not the only one tweeting the release date since someone who claims to be a Verizon rep has also tweeted the release date. When you just can’t keep a secret, if you don’t have anyone to share it with you can always count on Twitter. There is more, Best Buy customers have been receiving e-mail confirmations about their pre-order and calls to confirm that they are going to pick up their Thunderbolt this Thursday. If that is not confirmation I don’t know what is, why are you going to tell people to come and pick something up on X day if you are not going to give it to them?

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