Hulu Blocks VPN Users

Trying to prevent overseas users from accessing Hulu, the company is blocking VPN users.

Hulu, like many other companies, take privacy very seriously and in an attempt to block overseas pirate from seeing videos without Hulu´s permission, they have blocked VPN users. Time will tell if this ¨pirates¨will find another way into Hulu´s videos but the problem that legitimate users are suffering is that they too are being blocked.

hulu blocked vpn servicesHow can you bypass Hulu´s geographical restrictions? Looks like all you need  is a cheap VPN subscription and you can watch Hulu videos even if you are in another country. In an effort to try aand block these unathorized users, Hulu is blocking and IP address that is linked to a VPN service. Hulu has never had the right to stream outside of the United States but it looks like they have just gotten tougher on blocking UN-athorized users.

There are many U.S citizens that are not happy with this since they too are suffering the block butone of our Hulu sources said that if US users are using a VPN are they need to do is turn off their iter and they should be able to watch. Looks like US users can no longer securely watch their favorite shows but at least they are able to if they follow the instructions just mentioned.

hulu blocked vpn users

This news obviously make U.S users upset since it is not fair that a user has to give up their privacy in order to use a service. But if look at it through Hulu´s eyes, they can´t tell if you are a U.S user or not if you use a VPN service, so that leaves them no choice but to go through with this action.

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