Ibis Smartwatch Concept – MWC 2014

If you want a smartwatch with elegance and the latest technology then you might want to check out the Ibis Smartwatch concept.

We will probably see a large variety of concepts that will fascinate us and the Ibis Smartwatch concept is definitely one of them. This Ibis smartwatch concept was presented at the MWC 2014 and as you can see is has a conventional watch face and an Android OLED display. A feature that many are going to love about the Ibis smartwatch is that it has been designed to be compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Ibis Smartwatch Concept - MWC 2014_1

Features for the Ibis Smartwatch are WiFi, OLED display, USB connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0, eCompass, accelerometer and an ambient light sensor. This Ibis smartwatch doesn´t only tell time but it can also be used as a remote control and can also show you how many unread text messages you have and who is calling you.

Since the Ibis smartwatch is only a concept for now there is no word on when it is going to be available or its price. If we do see it in stores, we will see it under the brand name of another company.

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