Illuminated JetBib Feeding System – Baby Gadgets

Baby gadgets such as the Illuminated Jetbib Feeding System are available now. Funny but safe gadgets.

It is completely normal that from all the diaper changing, and running every few hours to the store for more baby food that you will be a bit tired. Since you are going to be tired a little help as in to which direction the spoon full of food goes, will come in handy. The gadget that is going to help with feeding time is the  JetBib Feeding System .

With the Illuminated Jetbib Feeding System you are going to get all the help you  need since the Lighted LED jet plane has on/off switch and three spoon attachments, Spoon attachments are dishwasher safe ,Button cell batteries required are included, and the batteries are replaceable in plane but not replaceable in bib. So, you might want to clean the bib with a damp cloth.

No need to worry since the Illuminated Jetbib Feeding System meets ASTM & CPSC regulations.

Thinkgeek is going to be the place where you will be able to get your hands on the Illinted Jetbib Feeding system for $19.99 but remember that there are many other baby gadgets out there to look at.

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