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I think we have all heard our parents or grandparents say that the things they see on TV today would have never been tolerated in their era so it is completely normal that parents today want to protect the innocence of their kids. There are many gadgets that do that today but there is one that deserves a look. It is called iMote and it is a remote control especially made for kids. It is able to block all channels but lets your kids see the ones you deem appropriate.

The iMote comes with 100 stickers with the logos of channels such as the Disney Channel,Nick JR. or PBS. The iMote is only able to remember 5 channels but kids aren’t like us adults that even with over 300 channels there is still nothing good on. Another good thing about iMote is that it is safe enough for your child to chew on it, it is better for them to chew on their remote than on Mom and Dad’s. If you are interested in getting one it is going to set you back $29.99.

Screenshot - 17_12_2009 , 19_58_47If this model does not seem to convince you then you know there are many other models out there to choose from.

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