Indian Bank ICICI Allows Customers to Send Money via Twitter

ICICI customers can now send money via Twitter.

Times are tough and that is why we might have to send money to family or friends in order to help them get by. When we need to send money, we want an easy and effective way to do it. If you are an ICICI customer, you will be very happy to know that you can now send money through your Twitter account.


Send Money via Twitter


ICICI is the first bank in India to allows transfer through Twitter and besides being able to sen money, their customers can also see the last 3 transactions and check their account balance. Customers can also built their credit through a pre-pay mobile account.

The ICICI customers that is interested in sending money by using their Twitter account will need to have a registered mobile number and a Twitter account. Another piece of good news is that the persons receiving the money doesn´t have to be a client of the bank, something that is going to make a lot of people happy.

ICICI is not the first bank in the world to do this since the french baking group BPCE allowed their customers to send each other money towards the end of 2014.

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