Intel to Fire 5,000 Employees – Problems?

When we her of a company firing their employees we can´t help but think that the company is in trouble, could that be Intel´s case?

It is always sad news when we hear that any company has to fire any number of employees but this time it is Intel´s turn to fire 5,000 employees. The reason that Intel has given is that the cuts are because of what they call evolving market trends. One might interpret this as if Intel is struggling their sales and is staying behind in the tech race, maybe maybe not.

The cuts are going to be gradual and not a one time action but cuts are cuts, doesn´t matter if it is done gradually or not. Intel is not calling this a layoff and they also said that the people that are being cut are people ¨leaving voluntarily¨, retiring or redeployment. One can´t help but think that Intel is in problems since this news comes after the company announced poor earning . Investor want Intel to invest more in the mobile tech and not so much in the PC world. We´ll see if more cuts are announced, we hope not.

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