iOS 11 dedura apps that access your location in the background

The iOS 11 was released in public beta this week, and one of its new features involves privacy: a status bar in blue will appear when an app is using your location in the background.

On iOS 11, the user has three options to share your location with an app: “Always”, “Never” and “While using the app”. The blue bar alerts users when the applications are configured to “Always” are using your site.

As noted by TechCrunch, this will be a way to find out which apps are using the GPS, and what they do this much more often than they should, which can help save on battery life.

Some apps need GPS when they are closed, like Foursquare (to recommend establishments nearby). But this is not the case, for example, a game with ads based on your location.

Uber, for its part, collects your location for up to five minutes after the driver finishes the trip, “to improve the experience of travel, the customer service and to enhance security”. With the iOS 11, it will be possible to keep an eye on and prevent this.

The Facebook also does something similar by detecting where the user is the same that he would return to the home screen. With this change, more people will be aware of this and may adjust the local share to “To use the application,” or “Never”.

You can test the iOS 11 if you have a compatible device by going to the site of Apple’s Beta Software Program and following the instructions. The final version of the system is scheduled for September.

With information: TechCrunch.

iOS 11 dedura apps that access your location in the background