iPad 2 – Apple Offering Refunds for Original iPad

Regretting having purchased and iPad and want an iPad 2? Just return it.

The fact that Apple was going to present the iPad 2 on March 2nd started off as a rumor but obviously ended up being true. But what about those who bought an iPad 1 and then were faced that in a pair of weeks an improved model was on its way, what to do? A natural reaction would be to run back to the store but what if has been a week since the purchase?

The news was first reported at Electricpig.co.uk that Apple was going to give refunds (price difference) to those who have their purchase receipt of when they purchased the original iPad. Only is the difference in time was of 14 days, in other words, the iPad 2 was presented on March 2nd,that would mean people who got an iPad as far back as February 16th would be eligible for a refund. We all know what happens when an original model gets an update, the original model get put on clearance and that is what has happen with the iPad 1.

It has gotten a price drop of US$100 so, its news price would be of just US$399. So if this new price is within your reach now, its is better to have an original iPad than no iPad at all. You won’t be missing much anyway, since the updates are modest in my opinion.

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