iPad 2 – Apples New Tablet goes on Sale Today

Long lines for the iPad 2 and business negotiations as a woman sells her spot for almost US$1,000  in NY.

There is a huge chance that you have not forgotten that the iPad 2 goes on sale today and don’t let it be of a surprise to you that not even rain is able to keep those die hard Apple fans from getting their iPad 2. The image below is of Apple fans in NY and as you can see they are very well prepared for the climate conditions. Makes sense that Apple fans are willing to go through long line hours to get there iPad 2 since on-line order will be shipping for 2-3 weeks.

This is what I call smart, a woman (Amanda Foote, a media studies student at Manhattan Community college) who had the number one spot to enter the Apple store sold her place in line for US$900 and with the money she got for her troubles, she plans on buying tickets to the Lady Gaga concert. It would have been funny if she would have said,” With this money I am going to buy myself the Samsung Galaxy Tab II.”

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