iPad 2 Availability Improving

Apple is catching up with the demand for the iPad 2, what lead to the improvement?

At first it was almost impossible to get an iPad 2. Some were even willing to pay double the price for it to those who were re-selling it. Apple know that they were going to sell a lot of iPad 2’s but I guess they didn’t think it was going to as massive as it turned out to be. The explosion at FoxConn, didn’t help either. But from the looks of it, Apple is finally being able to meet demand for their popular Tabet.

iPad 2

If you still haven’t been able to get an iPad 2, then you are sure going to love this news. If you buy the iPad 2 direclty from Apple, they can have it sent to your home in a week or less. Yes, that’s right, all that money you saved up for the tablet, can finally meet its purpose. What made Apple finally speed things up? Hmmm. could it have anything to do with that fact that Apple’s share of the tablet market in June slipped to 50% from its average of 60-70% due to supply shortages. Kinda makes you wonder.

Shipping times for the tablet also improved through Apple’s direct international sales channels but Apple still has to work to completely keep up with demand. One sign that Apple still is not completely up to date with demand has to do with the fact that Apple limits (online) the sale of the iPad 2 to 2 tablets per customer. Hopefully the 14 to 15 million iPad 2’s that FoxConn is going to build in the next three months is going to help.

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