iPad 2 Best Buy Promotion Starts April 17th

Best Buy will begin their Apple iPad 2 promotion tomorrow and there just might be enough for everyone.

We all remember a while back when there were rumors that Apple was angry with Best Buy and had told them to stop selling the iPad 2. That rumors was cleared up by Best Buy saying that the part where it involves them not selling or withholding the iPad 2 from walk in customers was true but that it was not because of Apple. It allĀ  had to do with a promotion that they had planed and thanks to a leaked memo to Engadget, it is confirmed that the promotion is going to start tomorrow.

You are sure not going to happy as to how many models are going to be available but if you have military training, you are sure going to need it since there are only going to be 3 of each model in stock. One should keep in mind that it is first come first served and that customers with a previous reservation are going to get dibs on the tablet and as if that was not enough, employee purchases are allowed as well. That might not leave whole lot or anything at all for the walk-in customers. If you are going to try and get an iPad 2, may the force be with you.

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