iPad 2 Could Come in Three Different Versions

More rumors on what the iPad 2 could features and where things such as the camera would go.

We are all expecting the iPad 2 but little did we think that we could be looking at three different versions of the iPad 2. The three different model could have different ways of connecting to the Internet and Unnamed “industry sources, citing upstream component makers,” told the website that Apple will ship the second-generation iPad in January with a mix of iPads equipped with three different Internet connection options: Wi-Fi and the 3G wireless standards of UMTS and CDMA.

Just in case you didn’t know that 60 to 65% of iPad are the models that offer both 3G and Wifi? That is why Apple is working closely with telecommunications companies to offer more wireless options for the iPad 2. Other rumors that are going around about the upcoming iPad is that it is going to feature new anti-smudge and anti-reflective screens which could be easier to view in direct sunlight. It has also been said that the iPad 2 will likely feature a flat back as opposed to the rounded back of the current model. I guess only time will tell who was wrong and who was right. Enjoy the video that was spotted of what could be a case for the next generation iPad 2.

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