iPad 2 Mockups On Display -Apple Tablet with 128GB

Take a look at what the iPad 2 could look like. iPad 2 mockups were displayed at CES 2011.

We all know that Apple doesn’t officially do CES but suppliers for Apple apparently do since a mockup of what is the iPad 2 was spotted at CES 2011. You could tell from the mockups that there are going to be quite a few improvements such as rear and front facing cameras. From the mock up you could also tell that the upcoming iPad two that could be seeing a late March release features a wide-range speaker, aluminum unibody casing, improved touchscreen and a much improved 128GB memory. Today the max amount of memory you can get on the iPad is 64GB, so this is obviously going to turn a lot of frowns upside down.

It all looks like Apple might launch the iPad 2 just like it did with first. With that I mean that it will launch WiFi only model and Wifi and 3G models but with the improvements already mentioned. This model is a lot thinner than the original, it is about 4mm, so if you try to use a case that was made for the iPad 1, you  might have some extra space.

The back is rounded much like an iPod touch, and said solid state but one thing to remember is that all this info is based on manufacturer specs and not on anything Apple has said.

GoPod said that the dimensions for the upcoming iPad 2 are going to be 9.48-inches tall, 0.37-inches thick, and 7.31-inches wide. Why should we listen to these specs, because Apple has  no choice but to speak to the manufacturers for parts and some of them are not very good secret keepers.

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