iPad 2 Price Cut Forces Competitors to Also Drop Prices

Ever since the price for the iPad 2 was dropped, competitors had no choice but to do the same.

Consumers just love it when prices go down since that means that we are not going to have to spend as much moneyy and whatever is left over can be used for other things. When the iPad 3 came out the price of the precious model obviously went down and when that happened, competitors we forced to lowers there as well to keep potential customers interested. As a result of the price drop the average selling price of tablets dropped 21 percent during the first quarter of 2012, to just $361.

Its most likely that the condition of the economy is to blame but the demand has increased significantly for low cost tablets, especially in emerging countries.

cheap tablet

The low-end tablet include the Kindle Fire as well as tablets from smaller brands and white-box vendors. If you are looking for these kind of tablets then you are not going to spend more than US$200.mThough worldwide tablet shipments dropped from the fourth quarter of 2011, shipments in Q1 of 2012 still doubled shipments from a year ago, in Q1 2011.

The future release of updated low-end tablets, such as the Kindle Fire and Google’s rumored tablet are expected to pressure even more low-end tablet vendors to increase performance while still offering rock bottom prices.

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