iPad 2 – Specifications, Price and Availability

Steve Jobs Presents the much anticipated iPad 2, specs, price and release date for the iPad 2. Also presented was Smart Cover, the iPad 2’s first accessory.

When the event started Steve Jobs began talking about iBooks, yes, Steve was there. Everyone obviously wanted the iPad 2 presentation to start but we all know how these things work. 15 million iPads were sold in 2010 (9 month period) but who knows what the numbers are going to be for the iPad 2. 65,000 iPad exclusive Apps and you can bet that th number is going to go up with the iPad 2.

Rumor said that the iPad 2 was not going to have A5 but as you can see they were wrong since the iPad 2 features A5 chip from the apple “chip wizards”, dual processor–up to 2x fatser on CPU performance, up to 9x faster on graphics, low-power consumption, this will be the 1st dual core tablet to ship in volume. There is also a built in built-in gyroscope and two cameras just like we all expected.

This is also a part of the iPad since it is 1/3 thinner–33% thinner, measures 13.4 mm to 8.8mm thick. Front camera is VGA and the rear on can record 720p, there is also its 1Ghz dual-cor.

You will have two colors to choose from for your iPad 2, you can either get one in black or white. Good news since AT&T and Verizon are going to be the carriers from day one for the iPad 2.

Apple has not reduced the battery life since it is thinner than the original model, it still goes at 10 hours and the iPad 2 price is going to be US$499 same price as the original model. US$599 if you want the 32GB model, US$699 for the 64GB model, wifi and 3G: $629 $729 and $829.

March 11th is the shipping date, so I guess the rumors of an immediate release were obviously wrong. On March 26 the iPad 2 is going be release in more than 26 countries.

There is also HDMI video out accessory cable delivers HDMI mirrored video output up to 1080pand what is even better is that it works with all apps. You are even able to charge your iPad while you are using it which is obviously  a plus. The cable will sell for US$39 just in case you are interested.

Apple.com has already officially presented the iPad 2 like this:

You will now have an iPad 2 that is 15% lighter and you are also going to enjoy another accessory to keep your iPad 2 scratch free, the Smart cover with the Apple logo in the middle.

We are looking at an HD camera that will obviously be for Facetime and even works great in low light. The Smart Cover as you can see attaches magnetically.

When it comes to the Smart Cover you are going to have to decide whether you want it to be polyurethane or leather, 5 colors for each material to choose from. When it comes to prices, if you want the poly cases it is going to set you back US$39 but if you want the leather cases those will sell for US$69. We are looking at a 9.7 Inch LED Display with a 178 degree viewing angle and multi-touch.

When it comes to the OS for the iPad 2, it has iOS4.3 and that means Safari: Nitro JavaScript engine, JavaScriopt 2x as fast. There is iTunes Home sharing which is great and you are going ot be able to stream over your WiFi network from your PC to your iPad 2. There is also an iPad slider switch which is now a rotation lock and mute. Looks like we have the same screen resolution and 3G CDMA on Verizon.

There is also Photo Booth with 9 live screens with different effects on the iPad at once and 4.3 is going to be available for download on March 11.

If you want lighter then you should go for the Verizon since it is 6 grams lighter than the AT&T model.

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