iPad 5 – Latest Rumors

Find out what the latest rumors are saying about the upcoming iPad 5 or whatever Apple decides to call it.

Yup, I’m afraid so, so little time has passed since the iPad 4 was presented and now we are talking about the possible launch of the iPad 5. It is almost annoying that the iPads are being launched with so little time between each model since it is almost as if Apple thinks that it a piece of cake for everyone to save up and buy their iPads as if the world was not going to any type of financial crisis but on the other hand it is great to see what new features the new model has.

So, here we are finding out that the iPad 5 might be launched in March of 2013 and the iPad 5 is going to be thinner and lighter than the last iPad. It has also been said that the iPad 5 will be 2 millimeters thinner and 17 millimeters narrower. If this measurements are correct then the iPad 5 is nearly as thin as the 7.2mm thin iPad mini. Speaking about the iPad Mini, rumors are also saying that the next iPad Mini will feature a retina screen for the next iPad mini. Hopefuilly we won’t have to wait long to see what rumors are true and which ones are not.

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