iPad Accessories – Must Have iPad Accessories

Must have iPad accessories. iPad accessories you are going to need to make your iPad experience better.

Don’t worry after a while the iPad thing is going to die down and everything is going to back to normal. We have all been talking about the iPad ( I would have chosen another name, but that’s just me), now it’s time to talk about its accessories. There are even accessories that are  not from Apple, so looks like manufactures didn’t waste time at all.

First we have the accessories Apple has presented us with, first there is the Keyboard Dock that is a dock with a full-size keyboard or you can either choose the stand alone dock. The Keyboard Dock also charges your iPad, and comes integrated with a full-size keyboard. The dock has a rear 30-pin connector, which lets you connect to an electrical outlet using a USB Power Adapter, sync to your computer, and use accessories like the Camera Connection Kit. An audio jack lets you connect to a stereo or powered speakers.

iLounge has stated that the Keyboard dock is going to be sold for US$70……

The case costs $40, the SD/USB connection kit costs $30 and the VGA display adapter ( which enables the iPad to be connected to a projector or monitor to display its screen content) costs $30 (1024×768 only).

Other must have iPad accessories are the Elan Passport which is a case from Griffin to protect your very expensive iPad, or not, if you get the UD$499 model.  The Elan Passport case is a leather flip-open case and it even has some extra room just in case you want to put some of your business cards in there. The Elan Passsport is going to set you back UD$50 just like the other model, the Elan Sleeve Jumper iPad Case.

There is one more iPad case from Griffin but I’m not too sure you are going to like it, but to get things started it is called the FlexGrip case. If you decide to get one of these you are basically going to be getting a pastel silicon cases for the iPhone, except huge, and will be available in a few different colors for $30. So remember, The Elan Passport, and the FlexGrip case are priced at $50, and $30 respectively.

Now lets talk screen protection. The Screen Care Kit that comes with a Microfiber cloth, cleaning solution, and a protective screen shield and is going to cost $25. That is going to be a must have because when I first saw the iPad, I couldn’t help think of the amount of unwanted scratches it was going to receive. All of these Griffin iPad accessories are going to be available in Spring, right around the iPads launch.

Belkin also ha some cases they want you to notice. The Vue, Max, and Grip Sleeves will be available Spring 2010 in all global regions.The Vue and Max Sleeves are going to be selling for UD$39.99 but you can get the Grip sleeve for UD$29.99.

There is one more iPad accessory that is especially for women and it is called the iPad Wings. Every women knows how important they are on wings and here they are and they are available now. All you have to do is draw a pair or buy some already made stickers of wings and then stick  them on your iPad. The you are good to go,LOL. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

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