iPad Air 2 with 2GB of RAM Expected

Latest rumors are saying that we could be seeing an iPad Air 2 with 2GB of RAM.

As the big day gets closer and closer, we are obviously going to  hear more about the upcoming iPhone 6 but lets not forget that there is a new iPad too. Until Apple opens its mouth, everything can only be a rumor but as we all know that many rumors usually turn out to be true.


iPad Air 2 with 2GB of RAM Expected


If we do get 2GB of RAM that will mean that we are going to see a system performance that will improve multitasking and the operation of memory, apps and services. Reports also claim that even though their is a chance that the iPad Air 2 will get 2GB RAM, there is a very good chance that the iPad Mini won´t be so lucky.

Don´t eliminate the Mini just yet since it is expected to share all the other specs except the RAM, so there is still hope. If this turns out to be true, the iPhone 6 will continue to have only 1GB of RAM but with the iPad Air 2 you will be able to run 2 side by side apps but only on landscape more on the 9.7 model.

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