iPad Air and New iPad Mini Presented

Today is definitely a good day for Apple fans since the new iPads have been announced, the iPad Air and the new iPad Mini.

If you like to have the latest Apple device then it looks like you will soon be waiting in line for an upgrade. Today Apple announced their latest creations, the iPad Air and the new iPad Mini. Comparing the iPad 4 to the iPad Air, well.. there are improvements but probably not enough to convince everyone to spend their hard earned cash on a device with minimal improvements. There are no improvements in the following areas: Storage, Price, Price with LTE, display, rear camera, video recording, Front camera, FaceTime, Siri, Bluetooth, browsing time on cellular, browsing time on WiFi, connectors.

Apple Presenta el iPad Air y una Nueva iPad Mini1

There are improvements in the processor since the iPad 4 had a Dual-core A6X and the iPad Air has a 64-bit A7. There are also improvements in the height, width, and depth. Many think that an upgrade is not really worth it since the only major improvement that really matter is the processor and the way the economy is right now, it would probably be a better idea to wait for an iPad with specs that would really make the iPad 4 bite the dust. But if you really need a faster iPad and have no problem paying for a better processor, then go for it. The iPad Air is going to be available on November 1st in 41 countries. The iPad Mini on the other hand has a 2048 x 1536 resolution, a 7.9 display and also has a November release date..

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