iPad Hacked Within 24 Hours of Release

How to unblock iPad. A team member of Dev-Team is able to hack into the iPad only  24 hours after the device’s release.

Man he sure didn’t waste anytime unblocking the iPad, Who am I talking about?  I am talking about a member of of the Dev-Team that has achieved what any other hacker would have loved to do first. This is not the first time they do this to Apple, if you remember they did the same thing with the iPhone and were also the first to unblock the handset. What does unblocking the iPad mean?

This means that you are going to be able to use unauthorized Apps on your iPad and modify the ones you may already have. Just below is a video that shows you some nice tricks you might want to keep I mind. In the video you will see how to access to your iPad “Jailbreak” style and the codes you are going to need.

This makes you wonder how poorly protected the iPad and other devices might be. I don’t know who they have working at the Apple headquarters but they obviously need to hire some people with a little more knowledge on security.

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