iPad Tablet – Why is it not Worth Buying

iPad specs that make you not want to buy one. Reasons on why one should not buy an iPad.

I guess it is because when we hear the name Apple we automatically assume that whatever product that they are going to  create is going to be a success, no matter what it includes. Many have been blown away by the iPad but in my opinion it is not worth buying and in the following paragraphs I will tell you why. Everyone is free to decide for themselves if they want to buy one but lets not allow the iPad crave get a hold of us and buy a device that after the whole excitement has gone away, find that at the end it was not worth buying after all. With the way the economy is now, is it a wise decision to study the  the device  before buying it.

I wouldn’t buy an iPad because……..

1. You are only able to run one application at a time. Come on Apple this is ridiculous, a friend of mine that has a HP Pvilion dv9000 she bought two years ago does more than the tablet. She can run the anti-virus program, listen to the radio, and chat at the same time. Looks like apple is showing signs of not knowing what century we are in.  Even a Windows laptop would offer way more functionality but if you get a iPad you are going to be paying a lot more for much less.

2.Unable to run  Flash Applications. This means that you are going to miss out on a lot of good stuff that sites might have set up, so looks like Hulu is not going to be part of the iPad anytime soon. I am not the only one that this upsets, besides millions of people, Adobe is also frustrated to hear the news and for now is trying to show that it has a place in Apple products but not until Apple comes out with iPad 2 or something Adobe is going to have hard time completing its task. Sometimes I think that Apple does this on purpose and then thinks,” OK, there are going to be people that are going to buy the iPad despite its flaws, lets work on the one that we should have made to start with and make more money”. If a Nokia N900 smartphone, with 800 x 480 screen resolution, and a full Mozilla browser runs Flash, why can’t the iPad?.

3. It only has 4:3 ratio, not 16:9. That means that you are going to have to watch your movies on a disappointing “letterbox” mode. The iPad on this feature (and many others) is behind on technology because you are not even able to connect the iPad to your HDTV.

4. It has no Camera. I knew that Apple was going to be missing something essential because they have a tendency to do that but I didn’t think it was going to be this. There are even children’s laptops that have one and not the latest Apple creation? Looks like you are not going to be able to do video conferencing or take self portraits in your iPad.

5.  No non-backlit screen. iPad lacks the Amazon Kindle’s non-backlit screen and long battery life, designed to make reading an entire novel comfortable. Which makes me prefer the kindle rather than the iPad.

6. It is not a standalone product. One may think that anything other than the iPad itself it a simple accessory you can get if you want to and some are, but there is one that is essential. Since the iPad is not a standalone  product it is going to rely on heavily on the USB connector it comes with.  Apple would have shown a lot if they would have made the iPad a real computer and not an add-on of a PC.

7. No GPS on 3 of the models. If you want to get the most decent iPad you are going to have to pay more upfront and monthly. If you go for the non 3G models there are going to be  limits on  the device’s mapping capabilities and its ability to spatially orientate for using augmented reality applications.

8. LCD Screen. Looks like Apple has been left behind since I was expecting AMOLED since tha is was hot in 2010. If that is too much at least OLED would have been acceptable.

9. The name. Ipad?  liked iTablet or iSlate better then iPad. You have sure come across the amount of jokes that have flooded the web on the name. In a previous post I wrote, as my joke, I said that there was an accessory you could even make yourself…yup you guess it..wings. Just draw them and stick them on your iPad. We women know how important wings are on pads and speaking of pads here is a hysterical video I found and wanted to share.

iPad Tablet - Why is it not Worth Buying

These are my reasons why I am not going to buy an iPad. If Apple opens their eyes and adds the things they know they should have added then I would buy one but until that day comes, I will stick to my HP laptop.

Despite the critics and cons of the iPad many are still going to buy one, maybe it is because they want to be with the latest technology but being with the latest technology is having a device that delivers the latest technology and the iPad is not one of those devices.


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