iPed – Chinese iPad Clone

The iPad finally gets its very own clone, meet the iPed. The iPed is the Chinese clone of the world famous Apple iPad.

Oh brother, well we knew this day was going to come but you still can’t help buy cover your face in shame. If the iPhone was cloned why wouldn’t the iPad be too, but I guess now people who couldn’t afford the original can at least try this one out for only UD$105. There is a slight inconvenience though, you are only able to get it in China, but give it some time and we are sure to see in a store near us. I hope you are not expecting too much from the iPed when it comes to performance since for UD$105, you know you are going to get weak specs.

Specifications for the iPed

The “Chinese iPad” features 128 MB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space. Oh yeah, there is also the Intel chip inside. Those are the lousy specs Chines iPed users are going to have available until Steve Jobs decides the Chinese iPad release date. If you happen to live in China and want the original then there is only one option for you. Looks like you are going to have to go to Japan and there you canĀ  get your hands on the real iPad for only US$536.

Hope you found the video useful and saw how slow the iPed is but when it comes to knock off’s, what else are you going to expect.

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