iPhone 4S Barcode Found

A barcode that shoes info on a possible white iPhone 4S with memory capacity revealed.

The big event is still 4 days away and all of us are counting the days for it to be October 4th. It is not known whether Apple is going to reveal an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 4S but many have our fingers crossed that Apple is going to presents two iPhone but after what was shown on the Apple event Invite those hopes vanished.

From what can be seen on the bar-code, it is going to be a white iPhone 4S and its capacity is going ot be of 16GB. On the right hand side of the bar-code you can also see the letters IMEI which belongs to the identifications number that is given to all phones that use GSM. On the other hand there is also MEID which has the same identification but for phones that work on CDMA. So looks like we are looking at an iPhone that works on all networks for cell phone.

iPhone 4s Barcode

Finally this iPhone 4S could have a duo-core processor Apple A5, with a frequency of 1 GHz. Also, its RAM could reach the GigaByte level which would be twice as much from the current model. Las t but not least, its display could be as big as 3,7 Inches to 4 Inches. Amazing how Apple keeps “losing” things.

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