iPhone 5 – Apple Orders 15 Units for September Release

Looks like Apple has placed a 15 million iPhone 5 order to old time supplier Pegatron Technologies for the expected September release.

How is it known that Apple has placed a 15 million unit order? It is know because it was actually made to Apple’s supplier, Pegatron Technologies. It has also been said that the iPhone 5 is not that different from the iPhone 4, um..disappointing. This same supplier was the one that helped them with the iPhone 4, so makes sense that they stick with what they know.

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If everything turns out to be true, that doesn’t leave Appe a lot of time to make some kind of statement about the upcoming iPhone 5. This is something to expect since Apple loves to impress and surprise, so I guess we can expect that an announcement is going to be made as late as possible.

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