iPhone 5 Touchscreen Problems May Delay Release

The iPhone 5 release date may be compromised due to problems in the touchscreen.

And the delays begin even before its release but I guess it was something to be expected. According to rumors there was supposed to be an event that Tim Cook was suppose to have on October 4th to present the iPhone 5 but that may¬† be delayed. According to a report there are problems with the iPhone 5 ‘s touchscreen. Wintek (according to DigiTimes) , have told an iPhone supply chain that there is a “delayed bubble” defect that wasn’t noticed during the process of laminating touch panels.


When asked, Wintek, said that for now everything is on schedule. So I guess we can hold onto what the company said and we have nothing to fear for now. When releasing a new product and especially when it is one that many are waiting for, there are things you might miss but lets just cross our fingers that the iPhone 5’s release date is not delayed.

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